poetry of memories -inspired by forgetfulness insults my intelligence

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One Response to poetry of memories -inspired by forgetfulness insults my intelligence

  1. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Sure we are speculating niche for Change-oriented Ministers? God Bless The Change Aura…& spectra all over beyond public officers.Amen In One God Almighty Name Through His Unblemished Sheep or Prophets….
    In politics it does not matter what offices are to be filled BUT what manner of men they are that fill the offices ,said Eric Rowe ,author of Good Governance,lecturer Nottingham University quoted by Gbemi Tijani MST in many feature articles by me in Nigerian tabloid e.g Nigeria at 26-1986 The Chemistry of Patriotism,Anatomy of Infected Democracies,Trends in Health DefinitionsDTN,,Longevity For All Meditation,Short & Sharp)innthe Guardian On sunday sept 22 1985)
    Posers for performance index in tandem with imperative sfor Nigerias Emerging economies & Gearing everything ethics,orientation to Change Mantra which should involve ALL-opposition inclusive-to building a Super power nation possibly be4 2025
    q. Have they all been psychologically decolonised?
    a.This will help to melt away their consumeric taste and embolden them to SUPPORT MADE/BUY IN NIGERIA & help to initiate,innovate invest in endogenous projects -integral in all portfolios Fed/State
    This will also conserve FR,engage our GDPproductively
    Create & engage teeming population of under employed & jobless grads & youths
    Remove barriers for SMEs & pave way for WALKIN PROPOSAL & MENTORSHIP for every young & old or retired Nigeria with an enterprising idea rather than Bureacratic,discriminatory -only agric grads or projects kind of hitherto foci.No Agric is viable & neglected but other ideas need food to be secured ly engaged & stored and marketed than production per se .In fact I know of medicos that invest majorly in agric ventures than military generals in mech farming
    *We need ministers inventively enterprisingly oriented & bold to Recognize OTHER IDEAS OR PROJECTS other than agric ent.
    Aleluia to PMBuhari@last but not he least
    We must support who ever i/c of Power and monitor his progress every day/wkly becuase according to splash fm anniv lecture of July 2013 Lagos GDP was more than Kenya s as cited by Prof Jide Osuntokun former ambassador & historian
    What if Lagos people & companies 7 workers -petty,craftsmen were not on gen MOST of the time her GDP will tend to equal the whole of West Africa s GDP?
    NB.ALL Ministers must check this fact-only few normal Nigerians are pathologically indolent,only insignificant but significant % are involved in stealing,armed robbery,bank robbery,kidnapping for ransome…
    nb.with due attention to PMB -your ehtical leadership is timely BUT military support is nt the solution to Bokoharam sequelae-partly or fully impelled by fudamentalism -we must prevent a prototype insurgency provokable by economic poliomeyeitis as we are a country sapped of humane values & lack socially inclusive policies of human development.How can any human body live on hungry stomach beyond 2 days when s(he) isnt fasting or observing biochemical fasting because of overeating,over-drinking or similar excess of resources?
    We need to review banking & investment policies ? How can baanks asking for 18-22% Interest Rate be giving back ridiculous %age on5k,10k, 50-100k saved in their portals ?
    Our new Ministers need not be professionally net-worthy nor morally perfect BUT they must be oriented TO ENLARGE Nigeria & al entities and tasks that have to do with their portfolios so we can get out of the rot & start planning a TECH-TAKE OFF -endogenously designed and tailored to African values & holistic ingenuity,creative prowess from time immemorial before our traumatic colonization & rude division across borders.
    Open Quiz:
    1.Who ‘s the richest man on earth that ever lived? & a native of what continent?
    Ans:MANSA KANKAN MUSA of the 13 th C.Africa
    quiz 2:
    What’s the title of a recent book but not so recent book by an Oxford Prof & did it prophesies any boom or gloom? Or again -does it catalyze development policies?
    Ans:Africa -The Bottom Billion
    NB.God has blessed this country-FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL WE ONLY NEED THE RIGHT HUMAN DRIVERS TO MANAGE HER BOUNTIES FOR effective living of all & future generation.
    Do we have a national thematic rider for change mantra?-We need it for a nation in a hurry to transit from impunity of corrupt order…e.g.Change & Create
    or Change,Create & Annul Corruption or anything that will sensitize a moral new order and the need to wake up to do something & ask for formal or informal mentor-ship or critique via a Minister s office or network.
    Long Live Nigeria.God Has Blessed Us richly!!
    Will the New Ministers Be The Beautiful Conduit For Holistic Change Desired by Conscientious Nigerians?
    Gbemisoye Tijani aka MST ,081115
    convener:One world wrappers Group on facebook(Soye Tj)
    Former Unesco Youth Club Leader/founder
    paul harris fellow
    author of The Chemistry of Patriotism,1986
    & Meditation,The Guardian On Sunday 1985,09/85

    With all modesty the candour here in this dispensation of grace and change mantra is that ALL NIGERIANS NEED TO BE ‘broken’ i.e.in biblical or Peaceful Quranic or new religion faith frank language -yield to godly rather than ‘religious’ material -laden -only values.Apologgia I didnt cite trado-religions because the way they deal with impunity or abuse of morals is very brutal or could be very annihilating though of course there are sacrificial options as amplified i Okonkwo s breakage of the week of peace.In fact some ministers of the 6th Republic have used Cave swearing ceremonies -cultic oaths to covet endorsement for solidarity or caucus affinity.whether these oaths are in favour of the public they represent Ionly they know the details or content secrets and targets and why they prefer OJA Fraternity.In short they believe punishment of the 7 by the gods they swear with are more often instant than the expandable grace we enjoy in orthodox alien religions we embraced as IN VOGUE & supremely tenaciously ethnocentric -possibly even regard others as paganic-which is no longer acceptable by sociologists!

    *If we develop the state and orient individuals within her – both alien or native & partners in trade & service & diplomacy -with this fundamental spiritual call for repentance or restitution for plunderer or looters mindset of the past -we will yield easier to Change mantra @the person to person & private to public dealing & transactions.
    We need healings at all levels -leadership & follower-ship levels -political 7 all sectors where living interacting & work & worship dynamics thrive.
    what s the outcome of this Yielding To Healing Attitude?-which ought to thematise the content of public officers Retreats at all levels not just top echelons….faithful morally efficient and intellectually honest teachers not only social scientists,psychiatrists& psychologist s nor management consultants inured with Chronic – Business-As Usual Orientation should be engaged in public & Private officers Retreats -if any should be properly designed for or as orientation for tenured offices.Professional performance should embrace both competence & ethics. No half way package or credentialing.Anybody can earn good grades & detail them on CV but not everybody can ethically consistent or perform selflessly under different templates of economies.
    In fact psychologists and modern bloggers whose experience are rooted in mega data base & empirical studies have shown that ATTITUDE are very vital in delivery of professional or even of pastoral or evangelical or missionary services-A psychologist said attitude s are more important than actions.Imagine this! To me -Change attitude is inclusive.
    Though there are dilemmas in administrative behavior ,knowledge of the complexity of the human being attest to this and the individual assimilation of ethics will help pull him or her in right or proper direction.Beware team work or decision that favors loot sharing because its public money & there s poverty in the land & myriads of youths waiting for succor or means of livelihood or tools for development.
    Internationally speaking it isn’t that Nigerians are the most corrupt nation in the World or indeed in Africa but published evidence show that the USA doesn’t tolerate impunity or scandal in public office that will still be serving or even come back after changing ideological – laden parties! No.This is rare.Governors have been imprisoned after conviction unlike here where a galaxy of lawyers wil indefinitely postpone judgement till God knows when.Actually God knows all & the society he primordially created & because God sname rightly or otherwise rings bell everywhere we talk or expect justice here we better hang on God s intervention via our yielding to change mantra..
    We can be morally consistently productive ,become technically creative and politically bountiful if we invite Godliness and walk the word unchangeable as the holy books & sutras have written & hallowed rather bending the teachings.
    Why do modern day workers and managers and political ministers hide or downplay their faith in delivery of corporate or public service?
    It ought to be inclusive as spiritual dress code manifest on behavior outcomes -and blessedly excising out fanatism -it should fine tune or paint attitude better or make transactions more affable and candid.It should also make it complete as Work =Force X Distance where force is the labour input to the specifications/destinations before settlement is completed.
    *Fellow 21st Century Nigerians we are blessed -let s be frank only that we need moral re-armament of the citizens & leadership and we are so further .blessed with a simultaneous repentance or healing from past inpunity then we are on the way to overhaul not just the mono economy we will be paving way judiciously for respectability to carve a niche befitting Nigerias @home & in diaspora -Nigerians -town & gown have the brains but need the enabling environment/infrastructure to be & become holistically productive in their own country & only POLITICAL WILL can help expedite this .NOW or Never & we can start charting course for inter-nationality of our Diversified productions & exportable expertise & Pathway to real modernity via an appropriate Tech -possibly exportable as A Gift To The World.
    Why can’t we do it?Or consider this as impossible?Early Europeans learned prodigiously from the virgin continents of blacks now scattered all over the world how to do things or advance in metallurgy either for elemental survival or military protection.
    Who else are noted scatterers or jettissioners of their own cultural heritage -aka colonial mentality?
    Never will you find this trait in Chinese ,Japanese & Indians – they are intelligent,scientifically adaptive ,technologically successful,copy cats eclectic guys( of the west) no wonder they are the new economic colonisers & rulers of the commercial world & tacitly of political powers that come along with this tell-tale tech breakthrough.
    When shall we be somehow -not perfectly be ripe for change over the economies that are downplayed across the years of reckless oil boom?
    When shall we be talking of breakthrough which is nt impossible -before our very eyes?
    Or shall the likes of us born into the political birthday of Nigeria or already around in her gestation in British womb – succumb to the Nobel Laureate ‘s lexicon of the Wasted Generation of the 70s till date?
    Will the new ‘Ministers Just Retreated’ help to fulfill all righteousness towards this mandatory change sequel?
    Will The National Assembly members be contiguous,contagious towards realizing this real -dividend- beyond stomach infrastructure democratic order?
    Will the god- called & qualified -to-be-called ministers of all Divinely founded faiths help to shepherd this dispensation? Will their adherents locally & globally vow to walk the word and win in their travail through the times of this bounty -laden change -if embraced not as a passing political gimmick?
    Will the traditional media ask for grace to fulfill the biblical advice – on being a watchman-without fear or fancy for libido or ludicrous trappings?
    Will the social media bloggers press warily conscientiously with substantial evidences before surfing in the cyber-world?

    *Long Live The New Nigeria of our dream
    Gbemisoye Tijani
    Creator :One World Wrappers Group.
    Convenor:Civic convene Initiative
    Co -curator:Wrappers Agenda Miscellany(Sept 17, 1991
    Paul Harris Fellow

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