Reflecting My Rotary Years

3 snippets from GBEMI TIJANI MST,D9125

1. My Un-regrettable advent in Rotary
2. Joining Rotary enables …
3. Typical Rotarians Around & Alive

My Un-regrettable advent in Rotary…

An Insurance Broker,a friend named Lateef Lasisi popularly known in business circle as ‘DB’ invited me to a provisional Rotary club meeting on an evening of August 2006 and I followed him sheepishly contrary to a 20- year earlier voracious contact with a magazine, The Rotarian, Salk Vaccine edition picked from Professor Oyemade,an older Rotarian( from RC.IB.West) then a limb surgeon at the famous UCH ,Ibadan where his spouse, ‘more than my lecturer ‘ also works as a professor of Preventive Medicine. At First I wasn’t too excited but the guy is a very hilarious executive he tacitly decided that we could close business talks for the day and being Friday,I conceded without dropping down from his small Amy 8 size car. DB couldn’t be resisted not only because he has beautiful daughters from a gorgeous and pretty wife but he also likes happy hours not necessarily giddy which he said he would gain copiously as he interacts in Rotary.
At the club we met an orientation class of few adults informally dressed (and we are formally dressed).The lecture was on an aspect of community development germane to anatomy & physiology of a Rotary club –including options for fund-raising for service projects. I felt at home with the learning atmosphere having being a founder and leader of a UNESCO Youth CLUB –twenty-three years earlier in an Ogun state high school. I had written letters toUnesco offices in Lagos and Paris severally and have had feedback in bountiful publication resources for the school library and teachers after leaving the school..
At first the 52 weeks meeting scared me till I later learned every Rotarian is expected to attend minimum of 50% of the meeting. I was relieved. We were served food and also briefed about cost implication of club membership including EREY($100)/year to support the global citizenship programs of Rotary International after individual dues must have been paid and our club chartered as a Rotary Club in the defunct D9130.Outside the formal meeting activities the DG Representative informed us that the penultimate DG asked him to survey where another Rotary Club could be birthed so that it could pay way for more members and clubs that will prevent defunctness of the District.
Although the gestation of our charter was longer than SIX other Clubs that were birthed after us –no huff-they are all directly or indirectly from our fruitful loins. The New Clubs could have been almost nine within nine years to celebrate our 9th anniversary had it been a few gorgeous ladies didn’t drift themselves to greener pastures in Australia, America and Canada.Other than their wallets that could ve been possibly thicker than before they will never forget the fun, the fellowship and the friendship they enjoyed in Nigeria s D9125.Our fellowship meetings or retreats or tours out of the country were always full of men majorly as Guests Rotarians who later gained invitation after a few years to become members and serve as officers and become Presidents!
When our women were around with their stepping cadence, the compassion evident in their voice, the simple yet not libidinal or indecent dress code and the ride of their chest, the power in their hips and their indispensable aura –completing men’s generic needs are near preferred classic meeting atmosphere congenial for selfless development thinking. We offer food regularly in a fairly luculian hotel atmosphere and our ladies were world class in their carriage and stepping manners and they are professionals. No wonder why in her famous poem, Phenomenal Woman

Maya Angelou, President Obama‘s 1st Inaugural Poet Laureate flaunted ladies peculiar attributes without embellishment. How will a Rotary Club look like without women or vice versa? My modest thinking is that perhaps all those biological attributes could not have been so valued without the presence or tacit appreciation by men. What‘s your take?

Joining Rotary enables

Life in Rotary is holistically enlarging. Your citizenship, your business expertise and the purpose you’re bringing in are synergised both at your local club and international partnering with other clubs. Distinctly speaking Rotary is not a social or a charity organisation. It’s practically a service club though the charity arm is The Rotary Foundation that supports laudable local and global service projects insofar it falls within Rotary ‘s six areas of focus. Joining Rotary enablesevery new or old member to serve in a Committee which will likely be in your area of competence or interest.
There are training resources to improve skills & knowledge within the club and enormous resources also are online to guide each member or committee-be it PR or International or Youth or Community service matters. .Rotary avails opportunities for any selfless friendly individual to interact with others productively and also leverage on other skills and knowledge to get projects accomplished. Rotary executes projects in collaboration with community leaders and business & professionals partners in the locality. Notably there’s no room for idling in Rotary clubs though a larger space for fun also exists for male & female alike. According to the last RI international fellowship held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a 30 year old guy from Philippine or Brazil, Evans Burrell originally joined for fun.Confessionally speaking he met his wife in Rotary in no time. Though he later discovered Rotary is a life time of joyful selfless service for others and boundless interaction globally. The annual international fellowship held once in a city rotated globally attracts no less than 17.5 -40,000 Rotarians, their family members and friends– almost as much as you can witness in a religious mega festival or convention. This is a whole week or fortnight meeting on your role in Rotary .There are other ACTION FELLOWSHIPs in Rotary which are also thriving and supporting the actualization of Rotary s laudable programs in different cities and countries of the world such as Fellowships of Flying Rotarians,RAGD((for Diabetes interventions, AG(Environment ,RA(Maternal Child Health,Rotarians on the Internet(ROTI) that put Rotary on the internet and makes communication between clubs and districts easier like one single office since 1996 through 2006.There are also profession inspired fellowships of Rotarian Doctors and health workers,Insurance ,Wellness & Fitness,Authors & Writers,Jazz Music,Wine Tasters,Microcredit
Food Solutions against Hunger, Rotarian Action, Rotarian Action Fellowship for the Prevention of Blindness. Rotary is good, gregarious and connotes a life of community service and giving your time, talent or money.
A Rotarian should be able to give any of these or all of his/her three precious possessions. You don’t need to be a millionaire but just fan your spirit of giving any other tangible things like your passion for service and relate well with others. Being a Rotarian will be fun ..
If you love travelling by air or by road -wao you’ve found the club that will enable you enjoy travelling all over the world and possibly much more you can invite your trustful friends and family members or spouse as guests..

Who does not like music in this busier life of flux, boredom & mandatory heaps of information to deal with-to update oneself?
If you’re a professional artist or musician or dramatist there’s opportunity for brief music and performances in almost every Rotary activity or meeting. You can also entertain others for fun or fee in any local or District or Zonal Rotary fund-raising dinner or project launching organised by your club or District in your country.
*IF you love benevolent service -you will possibly be a potential awardee for Service Above Self .If you love giving -you will be a ‘turn-on’ everywhere in the world and will be adorned with pins and accolades if you won’t mind the worthy gesture. Palpably the value of your is far unquantifiable above this instant recognition.
If you like fun -Rotary Club is for you!
NB.Adult or midlife Rotarians don’t like boring meetings without fun or some healthy entertainment that will relax their minds. If you’re a good barbecue sauce maker or exquisite cuisiner rarely do Rotary meetings hold without good food and if out of regular meetings – they are usually luculian depending on the purse of the club or hosts. If you are academic you will meet a galaxy of profs or budding dons in Rotary in all discipline. If you love business connectivity- affable CEO’s and top professionals from all walks of life & human endeavour, physicians, pharmacists, technologists, caterers & hotel managers- are all in Rotary. Soon younger grassroots guys & gals, I.T.entrepreneurs,conscientious politicians will join to improve the profile of existing clubs in Nigeria.

Rotary‘s local impact and global achievement for spearheading the eradication of polio 99% globally since 25 years from now is heart-warming and humane enough!
Due to Rotary s tacit resilience and global partners the menacing viral disease has been reduced by 99% and the remaining 1% will soon meet their death knell before 2017 with the help of volunteers and well-meaning Rotarians, global givers committed to end polio from planet earth!
*Laudable selfless and thoughtful leaders will surely like to associate with friendly humanitarian organization like Rotary. This is the time to JOIN ROTARY in your life time. Such a large family –cluster of clubs -in more than 200 countries and geographic regions are uncommon. Its Charity arm, the TRF is beyond reproach in disbursing diverse grants to support basic literacy in developing countries, provide water in villages and refugee camps, respond to disaster call, improve well- being, prevent conflict and promote peace and inspire a life of selflessness for the youth and younger folks who will continue this legacy and do much more marvellously, globally.
*Rotary in itself even at the local level is a vast limitless social laboratory of what any selfless viable leader or business man or woman or professional can do to improve the community or global conditions
* Do you like or love songs composed with rich lyrics? If so ask a Rotarian today in your neighbourhood or city or mail one across the global village you will be amazed Rotary meetings are formally or informally held with poetic songs composed by the founders …Come And Share Rotary With Me,
Why not go and share Rotary with them?
VIVE LA ROTARY are lordly and emotionally resourceful to start Rotary s partly fun and hugely serious issues of community service discussed for actions and resource link….
Get Inspired to Join Rotary.
Bring Your own delicious or gregarious individuality to Rotary –we will be enlarged by your membership. ..You’re welcome to Rotary.
Gbemi Tijani aka MST

3. Typical Rotarians Around & Alive

Some Rotarians‘s giving of their time, money and themselves are almost sacrificial. Barely two years ago Sept 2013 The Rotary Club of Oluyole Estate,D9125,had their 2nd Road Safety Literacy workshop in collaboration with Federal Road Safety Commission, Ibadan the target bike riders earlier enlisted to participate and be tested and certified almost declined the free opportunity! Until the president tackled an incentive contingency for 22 trainees unlike the initial exercise they were begging to be enlisted. This is less heroic compared to Tom Henderson‘s Shelter Box Solution for quick and efficient response to disaster response anywhere needed globally initiated barely 13 years ago. The founder,Tom Henderson ,ex –Marine officer, later honoured as OBE asked himself what will I need if a disaster struck and everything is destroyed? He listed them as shelter,, warmth, protection comfort,dignity,stability and hope.He reassured his capacity in the support of 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide. Today the project has been supported as RI‘s invaluable partner ,it has formalized partnerships with key similar organisations such as UNICEF,OXFAM,UNHCR,SAVE THE CHILDREN, RED CROSS and it has established a training citadel ,International Academy for Disaster Manpower Training which is maintained by experts from different sectors. Imagine how strict its admission process – for every applicant who applied to be trained only one out of 20 made it to the assessment process. Shelter Box Solution ‘s Relief partnership has enabled every victim that needs a world class relief after flood or katrina or earth quake receives it.
HRH, The Duchess of Cornwall ,The President of the Project was amazed when she visited the warehouse of the project at Helston where a total AID for 250,000 people were packed and delivered following a devastating earthquake in HAITI. Whereas only 243 shelter boxes were delivered in the first year of operation by the end of 2010 ,the Solution has responded to 19 other disasters around the world and have delivered 45,000 boxes of Shelter.
*Within 10 years Shelter box has responded to 128 disasters,146 deployments in 68 countries and involving or surviving 100,000 families around the world. As W.H.O. experts will say individuals can also change the world. AL though it was Tom Henderson who originated it -it’s now an impact Rotary project and a globally supported efficient disaster relief service that has been awarded including the Beacon Fellowship Award For New Initiatives in 2008,2006,RIBI SERVICE AWARD and many others outside of the UK including South Africa,Portugal,Brazil,Luxembourg,Belgium Norway,Netherlands,France ,Denmark,Canada ,Australia.
To JOIN Rotary or become a Rotarian you need not be as heroic as Tom Henderson or the bold President above but you can share accessible club’s seats or events with Rotarians like him all over the world. He s an ex- marine officer whose undaunted compassion for people is incredible and he knows networking with Rotary -as the world’s 1st humanitarian service organisation – will actualize his vision for the safety of precious lives that would have been wasted beyond redemption. Rotary walks the talk, Loves The World in action. This is heroic but still a tip of the iceberg globally.
Gbemisoye Tijani RC Oluyole Estate, Cedar Resorts,GRA Ibadan D9125


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