Technology & Lost Human Jobs-Should Robots injure mankind s livelihood-

Tech & Lost jobs

Asimov said a robot must not injure mankind

Gbemi Tijani Cares Beyond Inordinate Profitability

interesting yet mind boggling and economically paradoxically glooming!What are am I talking about or is it a n optical mirage that new techs are fiercely smartly competing for human jobs & labour unions have no antidote tech solicitors or even counter tech robots that will stop these softwares or what else have you to perform or perfec t what men or women can do?

Rather than WAO Ooo I felt sorry for trends in tech direct jobs than pedestrian human labour that will soon take over myriads of men s jobs,Is this a good or compassionate news? reasoning from employment engagement sense & sensibility of the workforce of  a nation that needs to keep her populace socially & politically responsible and of course net-worthy via the regular or otherwise privately engaged enterprise . How else will they fix their jobs?

how will they feed their wards ? Education health & vacation expenses who will foot these bills if thousands are laid off their jobs because of invention update?

I love Isaac Asimov writer and responsible prof of biochemistry – who wasn’t inured in just Prolificity-he proved he could support a medico wo queried him what will we live on besides writing ? Asimov said ‘the books’!

Nb I m limited to type in this wordless document old apple iPad otherwise I could have made up my normal length of rejoinders on Pulse s continue educative informative latest thinking of executives & real bloggers mentors of various walks of life,

vongrats on new tech Erlcome the3rd decade of. The 21st .century Tech Triumphs

planning  employment of replaceable jobs -as man

Ower glut  must have been done before tech labour that will it only facilitate goods / services  but will also replace human labour

why not also

Popularize tech for human pooping & disposal from wherever,human micturition & disposal from wherever – even some aircraft toilet stinks for overloading of the Laloo!

gbemi Tijani MST Regional coordinator  west /FCT(healthy living communications Lagos

convenor: ONE WORLD WRAPPERS grou

Trevo life & health coach

Paul Harris fellow


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