Ghana excited to take part in next phase of H2O Collaboration

By Ako Odotei, a member of the Rotary Club of Tema, Ghana, Africa. This is the first in a series of planned posts from Rotary members involved in the Rotary-USAID International H2O Collaboration th…

Source: Ghana excited to take part in next phase of H2O Collaboration

Water is so basic for & biological functions,sanitation & economy-Gbemi Tijani


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3 Responses to Ghana excited to take part in next phase of H2O Collaboration

  1. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Water is essential for biological functioning ,sanitation and the economies.More than 50% of world population are deprived of potable water & enough for sanitation

  2. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Rather than ineffective giving back -i wish more genuinely loving peoples & professionals of the world can go into legislative or executive democratic politics and INFLUENCE POLICIES GERMANE to these basic needs .Otherwise progress will be indefinitely postponed.gbemi 27/02/16

  3. gbemisoyetijani says:

    if government s onus is crucial to the letter f& inclusive of amenities such as water & power supply -and there s been alarming deficit hitherto globally -then we need a new set of moraly dependable ethically efficient and compassionate public & political service officers to review strategies & impact & do the right thing .

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