Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: Ending poverty in all its forms

Today, October 17, is the United Nations’ World Day for Overcoming Poverty. The origin of the day lies in the work of the lapoverty is commonplace and concern about poverty implications -inclusive of exclusion and humiliation is worth the while of focus and should attract attention though of course poverty comes in various shades,of instance I can also be classified as poor or in serious poverty because I haven’t hot update computing devices such as a standard android,a standard tablet or apple with iOS 8 & a computing tool like a laptop with minimal – terabyte or with double cell or 7–0 hr computing battery otherwise power outage where I live will wreck my work which may not be replicated exactly as conceived when the mood is at work of creating it ,or instance I ve contributed 20 posts to linkedin s PULSE to linked in since April 2015 & have not been enabled to send More posts because of my laptop ‘s  back- up issue whereas a spare laptop could have served as a usable option.
Nb.Blogging for Pulse cant be done on iPads especially iPad 1 old model but on desktops/laptops!This is a hindrance for participation and a wet blanket on creativity,productivity germane to economic impoverishment.
WHILE  some retired governors in my country are given the privilege of lifetime Internet access a maze of needy folks can’t even afford data bundle except of late that competition among telecom companies are attenuating cost yet broadband access is still a mirage depending on where you are!
What of marketers how much more of MLM practitioners that have to deal with and reach by all media -phone,mailing or what sapping and physically reach a percentage of these clientele ideally with good car?
What of basic bank customer facility as low as #1000.(Naira) approx $2.00 now in Nigeria- you can’t draw it nor qualify for #10-100,000.00 facility to actualise or fund a pet idea or use it as overhead to generate #300-1000000.00)average of #650,000.00 which is good or profitable by any local or global assessment whereas banks here can loan out millions to politicians or customers with collaterals 3ce far above tha value of the loan they are asking!
This is a state of unequal – ribs status quo which is discrimination In the milieu for collective economic inclusion and contributing your own niche .A few  banks want to make excessive profit and that s why a maze of them (more than100 commercial banks collapsed in Nigeria in 2008) not  just because of the global stock fall,Grassroots and city based Nigerians are so up & doing – simply enterprising enough that I can boldly empirically say that ONLY FEW Nigerians are pathologically lazy excluding those inured in looting or impunity.

Differential Grid power exposure :
needlessly in a country where coal,water and solar energy are available even if  not available to Infinite dimension to produce an optimal supply of grid power yet til date we are still battling with between 5-10,000 megawatts when South Africa with 11 states Have been enjoying between 40-55,000 megawatts since a couple of yearsback! 
Can you compare the productivity of citizens & immigrants in these 2 countries?
Can you also compare the stress levels leading to  High BP in poverty  stricken guys or housewives  working or living in these many hours or days of power outage? 
 Now I have 23% power left in my iPad! yet I have of started browsing-sending out   proposals to my list as a MLM worker so also have a lot of manuscript to develop edit into kindles and books and blogspots,Grid light may not be restored Soon.Or even days -GOd forbid- but thats s the reality here,Some areas even had issues with connectivity or transformer or metering and they may not be heeded till God knows when,Whereas nearby tiny  African  countries have 24/7 power supply-especially Togo & Ghana- far les endowed in all ramifications–implying human factors are crucial in managing resources and equity policies germane to annulling poverty,

I have observed with empirical evidence that there s mass poverty of even the educated folks – whose training have not been specifically tailored towards a vocational skill and this cuts across university graduates Of different liberal arts disciplines.Its unfortunate and retrogressive that educational planing does not I clued Job engagement statistics within 20-30 years planning let alone plan ahead of 50 years as developed world is aware of school admissions and graduation and employment curves or big data insight
Most poverty are endemic among educated illiterates especially in Nigeria  because most developing countries didn’t overhaul or review colonial curricula in lower and higher schools – Ivory Tower inclusive to fit modern job demands and occupational relevance!
The above picture is also a myopia. Y the writer who haven’t consider other equally basic needs of individual for health and housing and marital or bachelor needs to survive in either rural or urban settings – you need good cash and basic amenities and citizenship benefits whether you pay tax computed in your missions or via PAYE system.
What  of poverty of philosophy?
Most citizens are succumbed to stomach infrastructure that feeds them for a day or barely 2 days  rather than vote in for an enduring  governor or government that will provide enabling infrastructure policy to empower Individuals to execute their projects and make them viable for a lifetime,

Consequently some costly  ignorance o political illiteracy do cause poverty as election of wrong leaders who have no iota of how a state is levered for peace & productivity ,Who once said politics control everything! I don’t think he s not politically sociologically correct,
Massive looting and impunity coupled with docility and corrupt mindset of followers themselves are perpetuating another type of national poverty that will even lead I to foreign Indebtedness because most tangible and liquid monetary assets that could have been used to run the  economy or perform the budget have been looted or embezzled in concert manner or individual formats and yet prosecution is Herculean even if instituted because the culprits will hire a galaxy of lawyers and TWIST JUSTICE at the expense of public treasury and good & the vicious circle of the monster will jeopardize  EFFECTIVE KIVING and silent ROBBERY of human rights of the people.
In tentative summary of poverty issue-abject poverty of people living   below &or #450 Nigerian naira today in 2016 as it was since a decade are legion and there s also a myriad of educated youth& adults with. NO job at all or partially employed with ridiculously ineffective  salaries or wages today October 19 of 21st c 2016 as it has been like this since a decade and going into alarming suicidal condition in 2016 partly because of local impunity,sellout,corruption,cleptomanic practice,unfit archaic higher education ,perennial colonial Mentality & curricula,unequal access to entrepreneurial policies and imperfect uncustomised economic theories of experts who have passed away in the last century.
Neglect  of regular summits country by country  that could have addressed this issue pointedly is also the most  tragic of modernity concernJUST the sensational news of poverty profile not about direct solution to identify & annul  what& why poverty
te Father Joseph Wresinski, the founder of the International Moveme…

Source: Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: Ending poverty in all its forms

kudos to the uniquely spiritual or compassionate man Jiseph Wresinski that originated and identified poverty as a special


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  1. gbemisoyetijani says:

    How will the world archaic & modern world look like without writers or the press?

  2. gbemisoyetijani says:

    material or philosophical poverty in each of us all – admit it or not have a second or different stroke to this view ? Send it I plain words Orin poetry

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