As the New Year

As the New Year creeps closer around the globe, setting off fireworks from timezone to timezone, moving as a Gulf Stream of cheer, as some of us move from one house to another carrying cookies and …

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16 Responses to As the New Year

  1. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Wither!the cosmic coordinator of the universe s climate & vegetation and our survival & continuity into centuries before a better manager.comes

  2. gbemisoyetijani says:

    How far have we progressed in managing man s Comflict & prevent wars globally?

  3. gbemisoyetijani says:

    more sequel thoughts because the universe is not just like a football but a more real complex global & more expansive cosmology than our planet yet the universal coordinator and Supreme Scientists manifest Himself day & night

  4. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Nature controls directly or indirectly these he of Mensa day & night roll by not even cosmological ly in mime it bay ll actions l& profile of elements that form or crystallize that small microcosm that made that natural or artificial expression as mystic or scientifically explainable,That s naively nature as the new year creeps closer in cold Alaska or arid Sahara or tropical Nigeria or temperate United kKingdom
    even Isaac Newton never declared there s no Intelligent Creator behind the Universe

  5. gbemisoyetijani says:

    was the Tower of Bael ambition insulting to the Creator for some early mortals hidden agenda to compete with God s supremacy?

  6. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Which come first ? Humankind s creation or science?

  7. gbemisoyetijani says:

    is God a mathematical or scientific formula?

  8. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Isit rude or human to ask questions about existence? Or is it rascally to probe the Origin of the world?what uses are the knowledge of creation or history of world s earliest settlements?

  9. gbemisoyetijani says:

    What role can writers of different stripes play I enlightening the public & the state ?

  10. gbemisoyetijani says:

    How can such writers or blogs synergies resources to actualise the whys & where force of the above?

  11. gbemisoyetijani says:

    All the world entities of 21st c today are once once elsewhere prior to historical or political divisions – have you thought that current classifications are reckless?

  12. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Happiness & wealth are different accts or desire of the individual & public administration -which of theSeoul development should salacious artists or critical writers press the more or collaborate for pressing the locales & global actors towards a n egalitarian society ,logical equity and destiny fulfillment &enhanced holistic artis tis or scientific fulment

  13. gbemisoyetijani says:

    What’s your take are present generation of masses happier ? Are they weljier?

  14. gbemisoyetijani says:

    What role should the clergy & religious thinkers and ministers play in restoring human love I. Practice and therefore better outcome of ethical Atkins than religiosity noted in present day faith practice?

  15. gbemisoyetijani says:

    How can budding authors with massive backlog of manuscripts get support for tech tools like a double cell laptop,effective iPads,& appropriate androids for effective computing & browsing & links?

  16. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Besides recession there s abject poverty affecting writers & their generations splendor

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