Collecting images

After my recent trip to Mexico, I realized that much of my writing life is built around routines. Sometimes that serves my
poetry well – I know whether or not I’m on track as defined by…

Source: Collecting images


I already expressed this in many blogs writings writers can be separated from their status quo if heh are genuine ports or whatever

Gbemi Tijani Mst 3/11/16


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2 Responses to Collecting images

  1. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Rarely does any poet or writer lack his or her own ritual.the utmost common to me – tea or norcoffee or alkaline MYCHOCO- I m most moved to writing. By a prompting rain online or offline o even a deep reflection oF an aspect of nature or bizarre deviation from popular ethics or rule of law & maybe topknots or eggheads are abbeting!i love impromptu writings.i lot he planned wRitings or shouldi say say business writings aren’t big deals except to generate the mood,
    Only no creative writers or our lists will like reported or contractual writing,Howver the mood playa a vital spontaneous or successfully role in any writing ritual,even then theBrocas areas & wernickles of the brain always us involved to help us biologically writing is a psychosocial and biological multiple actions -you better know – many nervEs tissues organs systems are Involved.
    Salute to Nature in its manifestos of performance 3/1/16,246am

  2. gbemisoyetijani says:

    Are geniuses born or prepared from schools?

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